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CREDC Campaign



Sharon Ryan                                                     Jim Nulton
President/CEO, Dasher                                     Regional Community Relations Director

CREDC earns about 50% of its operating expense in fees and fee for service activities relative to economic development. The fees will match the pledges over a 4 year period at about a 1:1 ratio.

1. Operations and Organizational Capacity, EZ/KIZ Match, Target Marketing – In order to be effective as an organization we need to hire talented people, provide training and pay competitive salaries. If we are to continue to be a leader in Pennsylvania, we must have the financial strength to maintain and grow our talent, our technology and our facilities. Some state or federal programs require local match and from time to time these funds are used to leverage additional funding for worthwhile projects. We also will do target marketing to industry clusters in partnership with other organizations such as the Life Sciences Greenhouse. $2,200,000 ($550,000 per year)

2. Murata Business Center & Techcelerator – Funds will be used to support operations at Murata that are not covered by client rent. As the region’s only full service incubator, we provide not only space but professional and support personnel to aid Murata clients that current number (13 companies employing a total of 70 employees). Located in Carlisle Borough, the Murata Center provides clients with space in the 30,000 sq. ft. complex as well as business counseling and referral services which includes an Executive Director under contract from the Ben Franklin Technology Partnership. $550,000

3. Business Diversity Initiative – Since starting this Initiative in 2004, minority participation in our organization has increased, minority business lending has increased and we are becoming a trusted resource for the minority business community, as well as the larger business community when it comes to issues of diversification efforts in local businesses. As demographics change in our country, it is important that all businesses understand and appreciate the business case for business diversity. $250,000


Q: I thought the State, Counties and Municipalities fund economic development in Pennsylvania?

A: The Commonwealth and Federal Government provide limited programs to aid in economic development, but do not directly package those programs or operational funding to local organizations like CREDC.

Q: How will my gift be recognized?

A: You will be invited to attend a contributor’s only reception in conjunction with the Annual Dinner of the Chamber & CREDC in March of each year. Additionally, the name of your business or individual contributor will appear in at least one local publication each year as a CREDC donor for the next 4 years.

Q: I pay dues and sponsor events for the Chamber. Why should I contribute to this campaign?

A: Chamber dues and event sponsorships support member activities. Support for economic development activities are separate from Chamber Operations, however by having a combined organization we save by not duplicating many functions in staff, equipment and physical space. We are then able to attract and retain quality staff for the organization.

To download the Campaign Flyer please click here, to download the Campaign Brochure, please click here.

To request more information, please contact us at (717) 232-4099.

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